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Icon Meme

- reply to this post with a reason why you want me to do this meme with you, and I will pick six of your icons.
- make a post (including this info) and talk about the icons I chose.
- other people can then comment to you and make their own posts.

Behold the icons chosen by lynsaurus!

This is my current default pic. It was taken at the 2007 Alpha Phi Omega Section 80 Conference shortly after I gave my keynote speech. It was held at East Carolina University. Helping that chapter put that conference together was the last major staff thing that I did before going back to school.

This is also from an APO event. The Alpha Alpha Omicron Chapter at Longwood University has a position called the "Thong Fairy" that bestows thongs upon people that it finds to be cool or worthy. I was a lucky recipient of a pink thong. I was then told that I had to wear it. "You have to put it on... NOW!" Thus, this photo.

This is one of my Futurama icons. It's from the episode where Bender meets the God-Entity. lynsaurus seemed to think this was a leadership icon, but it's more about spirituality for me. I think this is God's attitude toward the universe.

Another Futurama icon. I use it when something has startled or outraged me, or it I think that idnignation is required.

This icon is from Spirited Away. If you do not know what that is, make your way to the video store or your Netflix queue and remedy that fact. What are you doing sitting there!? Do it NOW! I use this whenever I am feeling triumphant or if I am commenting in someone's journal and I think that they should feel triumphant.

This icon is from Angry Zen Master, a site run by a good friend of mine. Back when he had a regular webcomic on the site, he had a character that was loosely based on me. That's an image of that character. He now does a different webcomic called Erfworld, which you should all go read. I use this icon when I am feeling combative or if I am referring to AZM.

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How To Lose A Local Election

Before I go into this, let me say that in my mailbox today were FOUR pieces of direct mail. One from the Democrats and three from the Republicans. Someone knows that I'm a registered independent. Well, guess what? I voted over a week ago! Early voting has been going on for TWELVE DAYS! What are you people doing?!

This post is mostly about the local State Senate race. Back when I lived and worked in Columbus County, I heard a lot about State Senator R.C. Soles. He had apparently been in the legislature forever and brought a lot of pork into the area. There was always the implication that he was an entrenched, corrupt bastard. He is now the State Senate Majority Leader, BTW. Yes, he's a Democrat. The Democratic party in North Carolina controls most state politics. It is a pretty centrist party, more purple than blue.

I now live down in Brunswick County (again), but Soles is still my state senator. I started seeing TV ads--a lot of ads--for his opponent, Bettie Fennell. Now, I'm not so lliberal that I won't consider voting for a Republican. I do it from time to time. So, I went to her poorly designed website liked above to look at her positions. There weren't very many. Her blog had few entries. So, I e-mailed her.

Here's the text of my message which was sent on September 27:

Ms. Fennell,

I am a resident of Brunswick County and a former resident of Columbus County.  I visited your website in order to find out more about a number of your positions.  I was unable to find the information that I was seeking.

What is your position on abortion?

What is your position on funding for higher education?

How do you feel about the current state of infrastructure in our part of North Carolina?

I look forward to hearing back from you.

-Henry Marx

What did I get back? Guess. Go on, guess.

NOTHING. I didn't hear back from her. AT ALL.

The first thing you do if you are a local politican--or for that matter, a member of congress--is ANSWER CONSTITUENT QUESTIONS! If you're not even going to bother to answer people as a candidate, why would I think you would do an even remotely competent job once you get into office.

So basically, I have concluded that the TV ads are funded by the state GOP in an effort to give Soles the Tom Daschle treatment. They are not the result of a competent, capable, well-funded candidate.

I'm not saying who I voted for, but I sure as hell did not vote for Bettie Fennell.

What Do I Look At All Day?

Think of it as a meme of sorts. These are regularly in my Firefox tabs:

http://www.google.com/ig<-- iGoogle. This is my home page. I don't generally look at it that much, to tell you the truth. Occasionally, I find an interesting news item in the sections that I've customized for myself. I generally find more stuff that interests me from links posted by friends on LJ or Facebook.

http://www.gmail.com/ <-- Gmail. I finally got around to consolidating my e-mail by having Gmail connect to my POP server and load my personal mail. One less tab to maintain.

http://my.ebay.com/ <-- My eBay. This gets checked regularly. I use Turbo Lister to actually make my listings, and if something sells, I get an e-mail. This is mainly used to check on bids and how many watchers an item has. I also use it when I actually process a sale. Because I have a store, I have something called "Selling Manager" integrated into this page. As a result, my My eBay page probably looks nothing like yours.

http://www.facebook.com/ <-- Facebook. Addicted. See previous post.

http://en.wikipedia.org/ <-- Wikipedia. This isn't actually the page I look at. The page I look at (and regularly reload) is my Watchlist. Some articles I monitor for changes because I want to be informed, such as Statewide opinion polling for the United States presidential election, 2008. Others I monitor for vandalism, such as Homophobia.

http://www.huffingtonpost.com/ <-- The Huffington Post. Maybe it's just because I'm watching the election so closely, but this has become my primary Internet news source. That may change after the election.

http://www.fivethirtyeight.com/ <-- FiveThirtyEight. If you're interested in politics, polling or statistics, this is the site for you. I'm totally hooked on it now. It has the smartest analyses of opinion polling I've ever seen. Again, after the election this will probably drop off my radar as a regular read.

http://webmail.uncp.edu/ <-- UNCP Webmail. Yeah, I have not integrated this account into Gmail and I doubt that I will. I sometimes overlook a message that goes into Gmail. It can just sort of fade into the huge list of stuff. Some of the e-mails I get here are too important to overlook.

http://blackboard.uncp.edu/ <-- UNCP Blackboard. I don't have any completely online classes this semester. I have one that is "hybrid online" and thus doesn't meet every week. I have another that uses Blackboard as a supplement.

http://www.angryzenmaster.com/ <-- Angry Zen Master. A fandom news site run by a good friend of mine. Our interests don't always overlap, but his insights and nose for geek news are invaluable. Please check it out.

These are the sites that I often keep in my browser tabs. If I don't keep them constantly loaded, I usually check each one at least daily if not every few hours. There's other stuff I pull up from time to time. I may write a couple more lists like this for other stuff I check out. I could probably write another post like this for webcomics, gaming sites and even political news sites.
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I Swear

I swear that I'm going to start posting here again. I swear.

I know, I've been hanging out entirely on Facebook. Probably too much.

LJ is better because it encourages me to actually write.

But I'm still addicted to Facebook. Sorry.

Postmodern Tough Guy Speak Revealed!

I have discovered the formula for postmodern tough guy speak! It is:

A pronoun, followed by a conjugation of the verb "to be", followed by a self-referential proper noun.


"We are Marshall!"

"This is Sparta!"

"I am Beowulf!"

Plus, you have to yell it into the camera.

Please comment if you can think of other examples. =)