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How To Lose A Local Election

Before I go into this, let me say that in my mailbox today were FOUR pieces of direct mail. One from the Democrats and three from the Republicans. Someone knows that I'm a registered independent. Well, guess what? I voted over a week ago! Early voting has been going on for TWELVE DAYS! What are you people doing?!

This post is mostly about the local State Senate race. Back when I lived and worked in Columbus County, I heard a lot about State Senator R.C. Soles. He had apparently been in the legislature forever and brought a lot of pork into the area. There was always the implication that he was an entrenched, corrupt bastard. He is now the State Senate Majority Leader, BTW. Yes, he's a Democrat. The Democratic party in North Carolina controls most state politics. It is a pretty centrist party, more purple than blue.

I now live down in Brunswick County (again), but Soles is still my state senator. I started seeing TV ads--a lot of ads--for his opponent, Bettie Fennell. Now, I'm not so lliberal that I won't consider voting for a Republican. I do it from time to time. So, I went to her poorly designed website liked above to look at her positions. There weren't very many. Her blog had few entries. So, I e-mailed her.

Here's the text of my message which was sent on September 27:

Ms. Fennell,

I am a resident of Brunswick County and a former resident of Columbus County.  I visited your website in order to find out more about a number of your positions.  I was unable to find the information that I was seeking.

What is your position on abortion?

What is your position on funding for higher education?

How do you feel about the current state of infrastructure in our part of North Carolina?

I look forward to hearing back from you.

-Henry Marx

What did I get back? Guess. Go on, guess.

NOTHING. I didn't hear back from her. AT ALL.

The first thing you do if you are a local politican--or for that matter, a member of congress--is ANSWER CONSTITUENT QUESTIONS! If you're not even going to bother to answer people as a candidate, why would I think you would do an even remotely competent job once you get into office.

So basically, I have concluded that the TV ads are funded by the state GOP in an effort to give Soles the Tom Daschle treatment. They are not the result of a competent, capable, well-funded candidate.

I'm not saying who I voted for, but I sure as hell did not vote for Bettie Fennell.
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