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So, I went to the APO Region III Conference and had a great time! I got to see andronyka and c00kymonstr for the first time in a while. I saw fenrisncsu and psychokitty627 and got a chance to say hi to each of them, but I only saw spkr4thedead51 for about 3 seconds across a crowded room and did not get a chance to say hello. I spent some quality time with shortieterp as well as tazzusk. I didn't get to talk to kecharakitten as much as I wanted, but at least I've been able to see her relatively recently.

I woke up in the hotel on Sunday morning with a slight sore throat. I figured it was nothing to worry about. My companions had some car trouble, so we needed to get them on their way first. After that, I went and had lunch with yosh103, quala67 and some other LJ-less peoples. It was lovely.

I've also decided that I'm going to keep a minimal involvement in APO, but nothing like I used to have. This weekend made me realize how much I missed it. I miss working with students and it really recharges my emotional and spiritual batteries. I'm going to keep it on the DL and learn to say "No" when asked to do more.

Anyway, I headed back and started to get a headache. As I got closer to home, it started to get worse. By Sunday evening, I had a full-blown cold, possibly flu. Four days and most of a bottle of NyQuil later, I finally left the house for the fist time since getting back.

You know, I'm one of those people who gets sick fairly often, but I usually fight it off before long. My mother and one of my brothers has the same thing. My other brother and my father have the opposite problem. They almost never get sick, but when they do it's brutal. This was one of those rare occasions where I got sick the way that they do. I'm still not 100%. This will probably hang on until the weekend. I wouldn't have even left the house, but I had packages that had to go out. Plus, I needed milk and bread. Not that I've been eating, but I thought I might want to before long.

This is my second bout with being sick so far this fall. Now, I'm afraid to get a flu shot. It might make me sick again. Ugh!
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Zero Punctuation!

Thanks to mochiman for showing this to me on his awesome website. This is some of the funniest sh*t I have seen in a long time. Even if you don't like gaming, you will still enjoy these game reviews. Start with this one and go from there...

Oh, and these are NOT Safe For Work!

Edit: You might want to follow this link here that takes you to the site where you can find the other reviews Yahtzee has done.
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After being pretty sick this past weekend, I am now swamped. School is kicking my ass at the moment. I've noticed that as I've gotten older my standards on a lot of things have changed. Unlike in the past, getting a "B" is just not acceptable.

I'm going to go the the APO Region III Conference in Raleigh next weekend. I'm not doing APO stuff anymore; I'm just going to see friends and hang out. I am really looking forward to it. If it was further away, I don't think I'd be able to manage it, but this will work.

I *want* to go to the Region I/II Conference in late December. That's in Allentown, Pennsylvania. The last time I was up that way, I found the people in that region to be some of the most pleasant that I have ever encountered in my travels. I know several other people going. As an added bonus, I would get to see cyberjunkie! We'll see if I can make that happen financially or not.

Still waiting to hear back from UNC-Pembroke. In the meantime, I'm going to start substituting in a couple more districts. I'm not working enough right now.
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New Icons!

I've been sick all weekend and I decided to find some icons to cheer myself up. Found some cheeewy iiiicon goooodness at tmg_icons! Check it out, especially if you like Miyazaki like I do.
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Yet Another Book Meme!

Stolen from crystilline!

These are the top 106 books most often marked as "unread" by LibraryThing's users (as of 30 September 2007). As usual, bold what you have read, italicise what you started but couldn't finish, and strike through what you couldn't stand. Add an asterisk to those you've read more than once. Underline those on your to-read list.

Big Book ListCollapse )

I haven't read enough of these! I have the feeling that many of these will be covered in classes over the next few years.